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Headlines Today is 25/10/2014
The Dingo Cup day race program for their big day on 23 August is out now (pictured) and trainers Australia-wide should look at supporting it with some of their slower ones that constantly try to win city races, but which clearly aren't up to that level.

Itís simply a no-brainer that limiting the number of bets that a punter has gives them a greater chance of winning. Obviously the fewer number of times a punter bets, the fewer times they can be proven wrong. Have one bet on a Saturday afternoon and the punter can only be wrong once. Have 20 bets on a Saturday afternoon and the punter has 20 chances of being wrong. Ditto tipsters - tip one horse publicly and be wrong Ė and youíre wrong once. Tip a horse in each of the eight races at a meeting and you run the risk of being wrong eight times. Thatís why I detest tipping horses publicly, as some people back whatís publicly tipped here and if Iím wrong some people lose their money. And as I have to preview eight selected races along the eastern seaboard for Saturday Morning Mail clients the dregs are what go up publicly here. Sometimes the public ones are right Ė sometimes they arenít. Thatís life in gambling and thatís why itís called ďgamblingĒ.

In order for me to work out what races to preview - either for clients or website visitors - one has to learn what races to put a line straight through. There are plenty of races that I can put a line straight through tomorrow for a plethora of reasons.

Itís factual that there are eight races being run along the eastern seaboard tomorrow Ė eight at each of Doomben, Randwick and Flemington. To that end I have no problem whatsoever putting a line straight through two races in each State - so by getting rid of six races that Iím ďno reasonable chance of winning onĒ - Iíve now got rid of 25% of all the races being run along the eastern seaboard tomorrow. Today on the I list those six races and why punters would be well advised to avoid betting in them entirely. In fact as far as Iím concerned anyone who has a bet in any of the six races, excluding taking the field in those races when they are a leg of the Quadrella, Treble, Daily Double, etcetera - needs to analyse their punting habits.

Racing Queensland Chief Handicapper Lester Grimmett has advised the scaled weights for Doomben tomorrow and they are: Doomben Race 1 + 0.50kgs, Race 3 + 3.5kgs and Race 7 Ė 1.5kgs.

The apprentice jockey weights for tomorrow should be:



Samuel Payne

53 claims 3kgs.

Luke Tarrant

50 claims 2kgs.

Anthony Allen

50 claims 1.5kgs.

Janette Johnson

53 claims 3kgs.

Geoffrey Goold

54 claims 2kgs.

Rikki Jamieson

50 claims 3kgs.

Travis Wolfgram

53 claims 3kgs.

Bridget Grylls

49 claims 3kgs.

Kirk Matheson

53.5 claims 1.5kgs.

Today on I show punters six races to avoid getting involved in tomorrow and why. On I preview Flemington Race 8, whilst on Matt Nicholls looks at Flemington and the latest horse of John Hawkes that the whole world is all over - like a bout of the measles.

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